Prue Salter's PhD Wiki
I commenced my doctoral studies at UTS in 2009. This wiki will chart the progress of my research. I expect this research process to take around 5/6 years. Secondary students who are visiting this page might like to read this as it will explain what a PhD is. My topic is:

“How do schools approach the development of 7-12 students as self-regulated learners of the curriculum in the context of the 21st century Australian learning environment?”

TO DO LIST: Completed tasks are moved to the bottom of the page.

- review bound docs (and do later as well)
- once done that look at framework for analysis and texts on analysis

- Review Literature: SRL write up (review all + check other refs, add to significance, recent refs, check references + formatting + mark off all referred to - see below)
- Review Literature: Learning, DG and write up (review all + check other refs, add to significance, recent refs, check references + formatting + mark off all referred to - see below)
- Review all methodology books, draft chapter (check references + formatting + mark off all referred to)
- Analyse online survey
- Plan data collection for 2012
- Go through (if not done by now) list references blue folder + Extra pile of articles on bench + articles not printed + old assigns folder
- Add in list of resources from to print and print + do Pile in blue folder
- Policy docs
- Trevor/Coco
- Look at other unis for examples of past PhDs, set up chapters
- reread general PhD stuff

SRL (&Learning&DG)
- Find refs not found plus get out books again Learning so have everything
- check all soft copies printed and in folder (SRL done)
- check all in folder match reference list excel (SRL done)
- look at folder not printed and put into list (SRL done)
- look at stuff to find and locate and put in list
- Read stuff 2nd bottom shelf
- start chronologically and re-read all articles, check bibliography as go for any others, highlight and rank in imp.
- then check journals for up to date list (subscribe?)
- then check websites of key people plus general search



- Explore research forum on uts online: DRG/Research Journal/Course Readings/CoS conf./Theory&Methodology/Reseach Area/Bibliography
- Spend time on the Uni Library : Research Links, Catalyst, Postgraduate, Online Tutorials, Orientation,
- Spend time on Postgrad toolbox



Semester 1 2009
- Set up wiki
- Email supervisors with suggested date for 1st meeting
- Sign up for uni library courses (eg endnote 14th April, supersearch 17th April)
- Spend time on STAR site exploring
- Go through all material from Masters and work out what is relevant (hardcopy)
- Blog entry
- Brainstorm ideas for topic/questions
- How to find out about conferences etc and see past papers presented - on research forum
- Spend time on ELSSA Centre site
- Spend time on BELL site exploring
- Spend time on Research Centre for Learning and Change exploring
- Find out what Edrest/DoctoRALnet/ATN LEAPonline modules are
- Spend time on eGrad School exploring
- Review Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research site and document
- Writing a Research Proposal, Thesis Proposal, Writing a Proposal
- Spend time on Uni Graduate School site exploring (Improving Knowledge and Skill)
- Spend time on Information Explorer and Critical Thinking site
- Read and make notes on first article sent for block
- Explore research forum on uts online: print slides Alison
- Organise files computer - print old research proposal
- Create homepage in 2009 Doctoral Group on UTS Online
- Summary proposed research topic on utsonline
- Give feedback other summaries
- Write review article sent through for first block
- blog
- Go through doctoral booklet again
- Set up candidature plan page to do with Matthew
- Send agenda Matthew for first meeting
- Start Activity 2 re research literacies audit
- Look at previous proposal and format of new proposal and combine (plus 'guide')
- Download and learn end note
- Email people re interviews for Activity 1
- Set up stuff in activity 4 lit review
- Mind map of search terms /key words
- Complete Activity 1 - Do interviews, synthesise, reflective essay
- Complete Activity 2 re research literacies audit
- Review PhD from Matthew
- contact Sandy re other students re design-based research
- review act 3
- progress report

Semester 2 2009
- register for FASS conference July
- consider option professional doctorate
- find out about poster presentations
- decide research perspective
- choose workshops sem 2 grad school
- discuss design based research methods with students using this
- 4 articles from block and blog reflection
- listen audio file re refining question
- sort new list of articles in uni folder on desktop (40)
- sort printed articles in plastic tub (50)
- sort Masters articles (60)
- Workshop on Ethical Issues
- Workshop on Questionaire Design
- Workshop on Presenting at conferences
- set up excel spreadsheet for literature review
- ordered the 4 books on PhD process from Flinders university
- poster presentation at FASS conference
- spoke at e-learning design seminar
- methodology/writing groups
- literature review and mind map of concepts
- DA/research proposal paper draft
- presentation at block re DA
- reviewed/sythesised almost 200 articles/resources
- mind map ideas to develop argument
- got a good grasp on the field
- first draft of Proposal/DA doc done

Semester 1 2010
- writing group established
- talk to new students
- DA presentation
- Draft DA paper

Semester 2 2010
- DA paper submitted and approved
- Ethics submitted and approved
- 3 minute thesis comp at FASS
- Poster at Teachers Guild and NSW IER Post-Grad Student Conference
- Pilot case study to develop case study protcocol and test ideas
- Start SERAP process
- Present paper AARE

Semester 1 2011 - ON LEAVE THIS SEMESTER

Semester 2 2011
- Applied for SERAP (DET approval)
- Revisit and rework conceptual framework and SRL lit review
- Set up chapters PhD
- Complete phase 1 of data collection, online survey to schools.
- Select cases, gain agreement and set up logistics for the year of data collection in 2012.

- Prepare for data collection in 2012.
- Rework methodology and literature chapters
- analysis of phase 1 data